This is what I want for my Birthday

For my Birthday I would like:

More kids in the world to have possibility to learn programming.

One of the options to achieve this is to help Jessica and Python Namibia Society to raise money for computer labs in the schools of Namibia. You can donate here on Patreon: (it’s a recurring donation, but if you want to do the one-time donation, you can subscribe, wait until the money goes for the first month and then unsubscribe).

That everybody, no matter what their gender identity or sexual orientation is, could be happy and accepted by others and themselves. This is a very nice charity which helps people to meet other people like them, talk to them, this way understanding that they are not alone and their experiences are valid. The link to their webpage:

On that note, for those, who don’t know yet, I want to say that I identify as a man. Which means that I am a man. A trans man.

Another thing that I deeply care about is animals. I’m a vegan for I think 6 years now, because I care about animals and I can’t eat them. I admit and understand that they are sentient beings who have feelings like us. There’s a link to an animal rights organization which helps animals in Lithuania: Or you can help this nice piggy and her family, which is also a shelter for ex-farm animals:

Anyway, please donate to one of those and please let me know in the comments or any other way 🙂 That would be such a wonderful gift for me 🙂

Thanks ❤️





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